25th June : The Divine Motherhood Of Our Lady

The Divine Motherhood Of Our Lady

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The title of Mother of God with which the Catholic Church honors Mary, is not only the source of incomparable greatness in her, it is also a potent means to ground us firmly in the possession of the true Faith, and to bring us to a more perfect knowledge of God.

The divine Maternity is the starting point of the work of salvation.  In believing Mary to be the Mother of God we believe also that the Word was made Flesh.

A faithful Christian cannot do better than follow the example given us by the Church, which never tires of proclaiming the truth of Mary’s Divine Motherhood to the universe at large.  She does this by erecting shrines and churches in Mary’s honor, by the establishment of sodalities consecrated to her, by the approval of religious orders devoted to her service, and by the institution of practices of piety in her honor.

To Mary we can apply the words addressed to Judith of old:  “Blessed art thou, O daughter, by the Lord the Most High God, above all women upon the earth.”

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