24th June : Our Lady Of Clos-Evrard

Our Lady Of Clos-Evrard

Country : Germany

Year : 1449

The shrine of our Lady of Clos-Evrard is near Treves, Triet.  The image was fastened to an oak tree by a winedresser, who wished to honor Mary; but Our Lady ordered him to build a small hut in her honor.

The miracles which were wrought there caused this hut first to be changed into a little chapel, and finally into a church which was dedicated in the year 1449 by James de Siroq, Archbishop of Treves, who strove to restore order to the confused finances of the diocese.

Trier boasted of Christians as early as the second century and had a bishop in the third.

The cathedral of Trier has the unique privilege of having among its precious relics the Robe of Christ, the Holy Coat as it is called.  Our dad of blessed memory visited this cathedral shrine, venerated the precious relics, prayed to Our Lady of the Trier; climbed to the belfry and with his cane touched the blessed bells; an incident we never tired of having him relate.

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