7th January : Our Lady Of Egypt

Our Lady Of Cana

Country : Egypt

Year :

Only one child escaped the cruel sword of Herod, Mary’s Son, safe in the arms of his Mother fleeing with Him into Egypt.  How much Our Lady suffered during that long journey across the desert:  anxiety, fatigue, hunger, thirst, want of shelter!

While in Egypt, Mary’s interest in the Gentiles must have greatly increased.  It was not in vain that Mary and her Son were sent into Egypt; God had his reasons.  Egypt is a true picture of the Blessed Sacrament, hidden away in so many Tabernacles, surrounded by so many people who do not suspect His presence; it is nothing to so many that pass by.  But what is IT to those who know?  What was Jesus to Mary and Joseph in the Land of Egypt?  He was their ALL – with Him exile did not exist; with Him, God’s will was easy, God’s arrangements, the best; with HIM, it was impossible to complain, impossible to have any regrets about the past or impatient wonderings about the future.  Mary was absorbed in the present, because she had Jesus with Her:  He had to be cared for, fed, taught, thought about, worked for, lived for in Egypt!  It was in Egypt that the Child grew, and it was there that Mary heard His first words, watched His first tottering steps, and taught Him His first (vocal) prayers.  And as the Child grew, Mary grew, too, in grace and virtue; imbibing more and more of the spirit of her Son from the services she rendered Him; making great progress in her new school, the school of the Cross; getting daily more food for meditation and prayer, enlarging her heart and preparing herself to become a second Eve – the Mother of ALL the living.

What a blessing and joy to the people of Egypt to have the Holy Family living amongst them!  How this must have stirred up their zeal and courage!

A Moment Later Jesus Told The Waiters To Bring The Water Jars To Him And Turn Them Upside Down.  The Servants Brought In Six Large, Stone Jars, Which When Full Were So Heavy, Two Men Had To Carry One.  That They Were Now Empty Was Evident.  Then Jesus Said To The Waiters:  “Fill The Jars With Water.”  After This Was Done, Jesus Went To The Jars And Blessed Them; Then He Said To The Waiters:  “Draw Out Now And Take Them To The Chief Steward.”  When The Chief Steward, Who Did Not Know Where The Wine Came From, Tasted The Water After It Had Become Wine, He Went To The Bridegroom, Exclaiming In Surprise:  “Every Man First Sets Forth The Good Wine, And When They Have Drunk Freely, Then That Which Is Poorer In Quality.  But You Have Kept The Good Wine Until Now!”

Joseph knew least about it all, and yet had apparently to take the chief part and bear all the anxiety.  He received the warning message form the Angel; he had to break the news to Mary that the Child’s life was in danger and that they must flee immediately – even in the middle of the night.  Joseph had to take the Child and His Mother into Egypt; to anyone else but Joseph this would have seemed an unreasonable command.  Those who live close to Jesus and Mary do not criticize God’s dealings; they have only one thing to do – obey.  Peace and joy will result.

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