3rd January : Our Lady Of Sichem, Belgium

Our Lady Of Sichem, Belgium

Country : Belgium

Year : 1306

The shrine in Brabant in the duchy of Louvain, is a replacement of the one below Mount Garizim, Israel.  Hadrian restored the temple on Mount Garizim and dedicated it to Jupiter.  A small Christian community settled there; and on several occasions they suffered greatly at the hands of the Samaritans.  In 474 the emperor, to avenge an unjust attack of the sect, gave Mount Garizim to the Christians, who built on it a church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin.

After the Mohammedan conquest, Christianity practically disappeared from the district.  The French made amends by erecting a shrine to Mary in the duchy of Louvain.  The Mother of God rewarded them magnanimously for this.

It is said that Mary in 1306 also moved the hearts of the people by causing four drops of blood to flow from the eyes of the statue dedicated to her.  This revived the faith of the people and increased their fervor.  Numerous miracles resulted.

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