31st October : Madonna Of The World

Madonna Of The World

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Mary is the earthly principle of love that leads to the Heavenly Principle of Love.  The relation between her and God is something like the relation between rain and the earth.  Rain falls from heaven but the earth produces it.  Divinity comes from Heaven, but the human nature of God the Son comes from her.  If we speak of Mother Earth since it gives life through Heaven’s gift of the sun, then why not also recognize the Madonna of the World, since she gives us Eternal Light, the Eternal Light of God.

Mary, Madonna of the World, exists where Christ is not yet, where the Mystical Body is not yet visible.  For the people who suffer from fear – the fear of the evil spirits and for modern man who lives in dread, the dread that comes from loss of faith, the answer must ever be, “Look at the Woman”; look at the Woman she will lead you to God.

There are over 220,000,000 people to whom the Gospel of Jesus Christ is forbidden to be preached; no missionaries are allowed in their lands.  Thirty seven or more out of every hundred people in the world are under the tyranny of Communism.  These people along with the Buddhists and pagans in general cannot say:  “Our Father,” because God is not a Father unless He has a Son.  But they can say “Hail Mary”, because they believe in an ideal woman.  Jesus may not yet be given an inn in Bethlehem but Mary is among them preparing them for grace.  She is grace where there is no grace.  She is the Advent where there is no Christmas.  In all lands where virgins are venerated, or where one lady is set above all other ladies, the ground is fertile for accepting the Woman as the prelude for embracing Christ.  Where there is the presence of Jesus, there is also the presence of His Mother, as there is among us who have faith; but where there is the absence of Jesus, either through ignorance or wickedness, there is still the presence of Mary.  As she filled up the gap between the Ascension and Pentecost, so she is filling up the gap between the ethical systems of the East and their incorporation into the Mystical Body of her Divine Son.  Mary is the fertile soil from which, in God’s appointed time, the faith will flourish and bloom in the East, and all over the world.

Though, compared to the total population, there are few tabernacle lamps in certain lands, yet, Mary is there.  Mary is, too, among millions in our own land, and to all who are fearful, sad and frustrated – we beg all – pray to HER.  Never was it known that anyone, who fled to her protection or sought her intercession, was left unaided.

Though she is the Madonna of the World, she still is My Lady!  Our Lady!  If there is war again, it will be because we have not called on THAT Lady to whom God gave power to crush the Red Cobras of the night.  Mary!  Mother of Peace!  Madonna of the World!  Pray for us!

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