30th October : Our Lady Of Mondevi

Our Lady Of Mondevi

Country :

Year : 1540

Originally, the image of this Piedmontese shrine is said to have been depicted on a pillar by a charcoal burner of Vicoforte, about the year 1540.  The sanctuary of Madonna del Pilone is outside the city; it was completed about 1730.

The charcoal burners formed what was known as the Carbonari; at first an organization similar to the medieval guilds, whose prime purpose was efficiency and spirituality.  However, the group ended in becoming a secret organization, political, particularly.

The said image was drawn on a pillar during the days of great devotion to Our Lady.  It contains so much art, that painters try to emulate it, but in vain.  The peasant folk especially venerated Our Lady at this shrine, and obtained numerous favors from her.

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