25th July : Our Lady Of Lac Bouchet

Our Lady Of Lac Bouchet

Country : France

Year : 1920

On the north shore of Lake Bouchet, in the province of Quebec, there stand the buildings of a friary and the sanctuary of Our Lady of the Sagueney.

In 1920, it was a lonely spot, called the hermitage of Saint Anthony, where a seminary professor lived in retirement, Father Elzear de Lamarre.  Finding a cave in the rock there, he set up in it an altar and a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes, and so began the pilgrimage-shrine that has since grown steadily in popularity.

After Father de Lamarre’s death in 1925, the Capuchin Franciscans took over the property, built their house and church there, and ministered to the thousands of pilgrims who sought out the sanctuary.

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