24th July : Our Lady Of Cambron

Our Lady Of Cambron

Country : France

Year : 1148

The abbey of Cambron was founded by St. Bernard in 1148.  It was situated some leagues from Mons and took its name from the land on which it was built.  The image of Our Lady formerly honored at Cambron was famous for a great number of miraculous cures.  A chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Cambron, was built at Mons in 1550 in a part of the prince’s park.  In the following centuries the magistrates of Mons had a beautiful door built for the shrine, and added other embellishments.  In 1559, thieves broke into the chapel and stole everything of value to be found there.  The small oratory was very much frequented.  After the French Revolution when the State took over all properties given to religious services, this chapel was also taken.  It was demolished after all the wood, iron, and lead was removed.  The statue of the Blessed Virgin which decorated the altar, was then placed in the church of St. Elizabeth at Mons.

A story told about Cambron is as follows:  In the early 13th century a man named William who had embraced the true faith was employed by the Count of Hainaut.  Once when traveling, he stopped at the Abbey of Cambron.  In one of the rooms he saw a figure of the Virgin Mary with his pike.  A carpenter discovered him and would have killed him on the spot, were it not for the restraining hand of one of the religious.  In the confusion, the man escaped.

The Pope of Avignon to whom the case was referred, demanded the punishment of the man.  He was captured, then released for he continued to deny the accusations.

Four years later an old man who had been a smith was inspired to avenge the insult offered to the Mother of God.  He consulted the Abbot of Cambron and then asked the Count of Hainaut for authorization to combat the accused man.

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