25th August : Our Lady Of Martyrs

Our Lady Of Martyrs

Country : Italy (Rome)

Year : 1147

The most famous church dedicated under what became this name is the Pantheon at Rome.  It was originally built by Marcus Agrippa in 25 B.C., as a temple of Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and all the [false] gods.  In 609 or 610 A.D. it was consecrated to God by Pope St. Boniface IV in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary and All the Martyrs.

From its round shape the church is commonly called Santa Maria Rotunda.  Other churches likewise named St. Mary of the Martyrs are found in the shrine at Ossernenon, near Auriesville, New York, referring particularly to St. Isaac Jogues, St. John Lalande, St. Rene Goupil and the North American martyrs in general; in 1897 a church was built under the same invocation at Nagasaki, in honor of the Japanese martyrs put to death three centuries before.  In 1147 King Alonso I of Portugal built a church at Lisbon in honor of Our Lady of the Martyrs and in memory of those who had fallen fighting against the Moors; it is a well-known shrine among the Portuguese.  It has a special Mass and Office on the day of dedication, in honor of Our Lady of the Martyrs.

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