22nd October : Our Lady Of The Rock

Our Lady Of The Rock

Country : France

Year :

The legend that accounts for the name of Our Lady of the Rock of Amadour, says that Amadour was a servant of the Blessed Virgin; he came to Gaul and in the remote part of Quercy built the first chapel of Mary on French soil.

The shrine of Our Lady of Rocamadour can be traced back to the twelfth century; its roll of famous pilgrims includes St. Dominic and St. Louis IX of France.  It was the occasion of much devotion to Mary from numerous pilgrimages in the middle ages, and again in recent times.

The situation of the sanctuary is extraordinary, amid medieval fortifications giddily perched on a precipice, surrounded by a waste of barren spectacular country.  The venerated statue is equally remarkable.  Our Lady appears to be resting her weight in her hands, which are supported on the arms of her chair; the Child is balanced on her left knee.  Those people to whom “modern” church art seem an innovation, should take a look at this very ancient image.

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