22th January : Our Lady Of Bethlehem

Our Lady Of Bethlehem

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We do not know how long the Holy Family remained in Bethlehem, but, regardless, often in later years on their way from Nazareth to Jerusalem to pray in the Temple, they must have stopped off at Bethlehem, visited the cave of the Divine Birth and talked with the shepherds and those of the town who befriended them and were kind to them during the crises of the Nativity.

How they must have stood, pondering on the events now past, as their gaze fell on the road which they had taken to Egypt to escape Herod’s wrath.  The text, “And thou, Bethlehem, are not the least of the cities of Juda, for out of thee shall come the Savior who will deliver His people from their sins,” must have been frequently on their lips, as they in gratitude called down a blessing on the city of Bethlehem, for having given them the shelter it had on that glorious night of the Nativity, that “Silent Night, Holy Night”.

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