21th January : Our Lady Of Exile

Our Lady Of Exile

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Tradition tells us that St. John took Mary to his house in Jerusalem after the death of Jesus:  she also spent some of the time of her exile at Ephesus.  Mary pondered over the wonderful mysteries of her life; she prayed for the new child of hers, the Church; she helped the Apostles.  Mary was to all during those long years (15-23) a pillar of strength.  Every day she received Holy Communion; she said again her “Ecce Ancilla” when her God incarnate was within her.  But her desire, her longing for her Son was incomparable.  Why did Jesus leave her behind to suffer so?

She had to nurse the new-born Church and strengthen the Apostles with her example; and supply them with many details of Her Son’s Life.  She had to establish her position as Mother of the Church.  During those long years of exile, the Church learned to regard Mary as its Mother.  Our Lord would give her still more time to increase her merits by more suffering.  He wanted her crown to be the most beautiful possible, and there was only one way to make it so, by suffering which intensifies love, humility and submission to God’s will.  Another reason might have been that she might be the better able to sympathize with the exiled children of Eve; so Mary was left in exile to gain much that she could not have gained otherwise.

The lesson of the exile is, “For we have not here a lasting city, but we seek one that is to come.”

Mother Mary still “walks the earth” as her many apparitions, especially of late years testify.  I am not alone in this vale of tears, in this earthly exile, my Mother is always with me.  All I need do is keep my hand tightly clasped in hers, walk in her footsteps, remain securely under the protection of her mantle, and never fear, but be secure and safe until she clasps me in her arms eternally and leads me to the throne of her Son to enjoy the mansion He is even now preparing for me, His beloved.

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