20th October :Mother Most Admirable

Mother Most Admirable

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Just as the Arc of the Covenant going into the Promised Land, found the waters of the Jordan withdrawing at its approach, so did original sin retreat before the advent of the most pure Mary.

In the Canticle of Canticles it is said of Mary:  “Thou art all fair, O my Love, and there is no spot in thee”.

Esther, symbol of Mary, coming into the forbidden presence of the king, was received by these words of her Lord, “What is the matter, Esther?  I am thy brother, fear not.  Thou shalt not die; for this law is not made for thee but for all others.”

Mary is the enclosed garden, the sealed fountain.  The Lord gave her the strength of His Right Arm that she be not moved even in that wonderful moment when the devil would have liked most to disturb her, at the moment of Our Lord’s conception.

“He loved me,” she says, “in the beginning of His ways” – as is stated in the Book of Proverbs.  He who made her in the Holy Ghost saw and numbered and measured her – as we read in the moment of her birth.  She was the living temple foreshadowed by Solomon’s temple, in which God the Son should come to us in human form and go forth as a priest to give sacrifice to God the Father as a maker-at-one with God for us, our Atoner.

“This,” says St. John Damascene,” is that earth of which Isaias sings, it shall germinate mercy, and bud forth a Savior.  This is that Tabernacle which is manifest unto the God of Jacob.”

Man was placed in the Garden of Eden after the creation of the world as in a school of virtue.

Adam and Eve sinned, and destruction set in.  But to prevent everything from becoming corrupt, God intervened and made a new heaven and a new earth and a new sea.  Mary is that new heaven and that new earth and that new sea.

Heaven, because from her shone forth the Sun of Justice; “And you shall see the sun, my Son, by Substance, come to convince the world of the day’s end and of the night, smile to the lovers of the day in smiles of Blood; for through my love, He’ll be their Brother, my Light – the Lamb of their Apocalypse.”

Earth, for from that soil came the wheat of life:  “Mary, the maiden, walked out into the country, telling the wheat what the Angel had told her; the bees tumbled out of the flag-flowers to listen; the birds stopped their fledglings and told them to heed her.  A woman in blue with wheat to her knees, ‘mid a silence of birds and a stillness of bees, singing, ‘Golden, ah golden, with seeds prays unfurled ripen within me, O Wheat of the World!”

Sea from whose deep womb came the Great Pearl:  “And behold two great dragons came forth ready to fight one against another.  And that was a day of darkness and danger, of tribulation and distress, a day of great fear upon the earth.  The nation of the Just was troubled fearing their own hurt, and was prepared for death and they cried out to God.  And at their cry behold a little fountain grew and a very great river and abounded into many rivers.  The Light and the sun rose up, and the humble were exalted, and they devoured the glorious.”

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