20th July : Our Lady Of Picpus

Our Lady Of Picpus

Country : Paris

Year : 1629

Our Lady of Grace at Picpus, Fraubourg, Saint-Antoine, of Paris, contains a statue which is in a small ship of wood, with two angels at the end; it was made in 1629, from a piece of wood taken from the famous image of Our Lady of Boulogne-sur-Mer.

Among the famous pilgrimages of Paris, that of the one to the chapel of Picpus ranks fifth.  The shrine contains the above mentioned statue, given in the sixteenth century to this monastery by the famous Capuchin Joyeuse, known as Pere Ange, and later transferred to Saint-Antione of Paris.

Devotion to Mary retains its pristine fervor here, and many gifts and graces are bestowed on devotees by the Mother of Grace.

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