19th July : Our Lady Of Moyen Point

Our Lady Of Moyen Point

Country : France

Year : 1612

It was extremely warm that July day as Giovanni took his sheep to the meadows of Amele.  But there were ponds there left by the excessive rains of the last season.  He hoped to give his sheep a treat of cool sweet water.

As they neared the ponds, the sheep stood still, a few of them bleated and made strange sounds.  Giovanni anticipating trouble made his way to the shores, and found lying in the water something that looked like a statue.  Yes, it was an image of the Virgin Mary.  As he rescued it from the water, the sheep crowded closer, then gazed fixedly at what their shepherd held cradled in his arm.

A shrine to Our Lady of Moyen Point was erected near Peronna and the statue placed therein.  A church was later built which needed repairs in 1612.  The shepherd’s statue is miraculous.

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