20th January : Our Lady Of Tables

Our Lady Of Tables

Country : France

Year :

At Montpellier, France, There Is A Very Ancient, Renowned Church Containing A Shrine Of Mary – The Blessed Virgin Holds Her Son In Her Arms, Extended Over The City, So To Say.  She Stands Upon A Bezant Pedestal Or Table.  She Is Fondly Called The “Arms Of The City Of Montpellier.”

This Statue Is The So-Called Famous Statue Of Black Wood – Notre-Dame-Des-Tables.  To Preserve It, The Icon Was Hidden For A Long Time Within A Silver Statue Of The Blessed Virgin, Life-Size, And Screened From The Public View.  It Was Stolen By The Calvinists And Has Since Disappeared From History.

Nevertheless, Mary Still Extends Over The City, As Mentioned Above, Her Arms Of Love, And Miraculous Power.  The Votive Tables, Or Tables Testifying To Her Intercessory Power And Love Give Name To The Shrine.

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