19th June : Our Lady Of Monte Senario

Our Lady Of Monte Senario

Country : Italy

Year : 1240

The cradle of the order of the Servants of Mary began at Monte Senario, by a group of Hermits, the Seven Holy Founders.  As the result of a vision of the Blessed Virgin, they withdrew from Florence to the deserted hillside.

Uncertain of what way of life to follow, they again turned to Our Lady; she appeared to them and told them they were to be her servants; she told them what habit to wear and what rule to follow.  From that day in 1240, they were known as the Servants of Mary, or the Servites.

Their church on Monte scenario, rebuilt in 1700, is a favorite resort of pilgrims from Florence and further places.  Mary, here as elsewhere proves herself the miraculous Mother of God.

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