18th October : Our Lady Of Rheims

Our Lady Of Rheims

Country :

Year : 605

The shrine to Our Lady of Rheims was built by St. Nicasius, Archbishop of Rheims in the year 605.  The church, having fallen into decay, was rebuilt by Ebo and Hincmar.  It was finished in the year 645 and still remains a place of pilgrimage to the Mother of God.

At one time, enemies of the cathedral chapter set fire to a monastery of Rheims.  Among the relics which the sacristan tried to save was an ivory statue of the Virgin, containing some of her hair.  The sacristan prayed fervently to the Virgin that she would preserve this relic.  The abbot entering the ruins of the church found the statue upright and unharmed as if placed there reverently.

From thence forward, the image was believed to be miraculous.

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