17th July : Our Lady Of Campitelli

Our Lady Of Campitelli

Country : Italy

Year : 524

The sanctuary of Sancta Maria in Campitelli is one of the most celebrated of Rome.  There is venerated a precious image transported from the portico of the place of the roman matron, Galla Patrizia Seveath to whom the Virgin herself appeared on July 17, 524.

The temple was erected by vote of the people in thanksgiving for the preservation of the city from the pestilence of 1656.  The work of the shrine is that of the architect Rainaldi.  Many times the sacred image has been carried in procession through the streets of Rome—the people invoking Mary’s protection against pestilence, epidemics and earthquakes.  This image is also invoked under the title of Our Lady of Security, and two feasts are commemorated in Mary’s honor:  February second and July seventh.

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