27th January : Our Lady Of Life

Our Lady Of Life

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In some churches of the Byzantine rite, a commemoration is made of the dedication of the church of the GOD-BEARER at the Seven Towers at Constantinople.  The story goes, that the Emperor Leo I (d. 474) had a vision of the Blessed Virgin who pointed out a certain spring; he took a blind man to wash in its waters and the man was healed.  Later on, the Emperor Justinian built a church at the spot.

This church was destroyed after the Turks took Constantinople, but in 1834 it was rebuilt and brought back to use by the Orthodox Greeks.

The icon called our Lady, FOUNTAIN OF LIFE, refers to her bearing the Word of God made Flesh Who brings the waters of life to mankind.  “…in me is all hope of life…”  Ecclesiasticus:  24

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