25th November : Our Lady Of The Rock Of Fiesola

Our Lady Of The Rock Of Fiesola

Country : Italy

Year : 1028

According to local legend, the Gospel was first preached at Fiesola (in the province of Tuscany, Italy) by St. Romulus, a disciple of St. Peter during the days of the Christian persecutions.  Proof of that is the fact that the ancient cathedral stands outside the city walls.

The cathedral of St. Romulus was built in 1028 with materials taken from several other edifices—hence, the shrine took the name Our Lady of the Rock, The little church in the cathedral square—called the shrine of the Primerana—is the one dedicated to Our Lady.  Among other apparitions, too numerous to mention, is the one in which Mary warned St. Andrew Corsini of his approaching death.

During his lifetime, our Blessed Mother obtained from her Divine Son for Andrew the gifts of prophecy, miracles of healing, the conquest of hardened souls and many other conversions.

The cathedral of Fiesola is the resting place of a long list of saints and illustrious churchmen, all of whom were devout clients of Our Lady.

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