22nd July : Our Lady Of Safety Or Of Safe Hiding

Our Lady Of Safety Or Of Safe Hiding

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This title is a very recent one, having originated in World War II, at Overloon, a small town in Holland, lying about midway between Nijmegen and Venlo, about 30 miles south of Arnhem.

After the German armies overran Holland, a great many young Dutchmen fled to escape capture and possible death by the Germans.  Many of these young men found a place of hiding in Overloon.

There are stories that several times this little town of some 1700 or 1800 inhabitants, had as many as 200 fugitives, hiding in the homes of the town.

A great many of these refugees, who found a hiding place in Overloon, promised the Blessed Virgin they would erect a shrine in her honor if she would help save them.

After the war was over and peace came to the country, they got together and built the promised shrine at Overloon, dedicating it to the Mother of God under the title of OUR LADY OF SAFE HIDING.

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