20th May : Our Lady Of The Clergy

Our Lady Of The Clergy

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The association between Mary and the priesthood dates back to its very instituon.  Christ became Himself our Priest in His Mother’s womb, at the moment when she was dedicating herself to be the Mother of the Redeemer.  When Christ, the High Priest was sacrificing Himself on the Cross, His dying words announced Mary’s maternal office in the Church, and were addressed to the newly ordained St. John – who “took her for his own”.  When the Holy Ghost came upon the infant church at Pentecost, we know that Mary was there, and had by her prayers and example already begun her motherly charge of the Mystical Body of Christ.

No priest need ever fear that in paying attention to Mary, he is neglecting her Son; Mary never retains anything for herself; everything we give her is given immediately to her Son.  She is a perfect mediatrix.  She only intervenes to unite more closely; she only receives to give more perfectly.  The real devotion to Mary is an attitude of heart and mind.  The best expression of this is a total consecration of one’s self to Mary.

Everything Christ received from this world, He received through Mary.  His Body and Blood were derived from her; His humanity was created in her womb.  After birth His infant body was nourished at her breast, and even the additions of His stature were due to the food prepared by her hands.  His garments were of her making.

The priest’s chief duty is to watch over and guard the priceless treasure God left on earth for the solace and comfort of His erring children.  He must see to it that the Sacrament of the Altar is protected from impious hands that seek to defile it; from scornful souls that would ridicule it and destroy and blot out of existence the frail form of the future King.  It is the priest, like Mary, who solemnly lifts the Monstrance above the head of the people in the sign of the Cross.  Today, as of yesterday, no one is denied this Benediction.  Only one thing is required – that the faithful come to Christ and kneel with uplifted hearts to bask in the infinite blessings God the Son imparts through His priests.

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