18th January : Our Lady Of Dijon

Our Lady Of Dijon

Country : France

Year : 1513

In the fifth century the Abbey of St. Etienne of Dijon had a regular chapter which observed the Rule of St. Augustine; it was given over to secular canons, and later Clement XI made the church the cathedral of Dijon.  During the Revolution it was transformed into a forage storage house

In atonement to Our Lady for this outrage, the Faithful of France rebuilt the shrine, and pleaded that the Holy See grant numerous relics and valuable keepsakes be placed there.  Our Blessed mother responded to the generosity and love of the people by granting favors and cures and extending her God-given miraculous power over the people.

The image of Our Lady of Dijon in Burgundy was formerly named Our Lady of Good Hope.  In the year 1513, Mary delivered the city of Dijon from the hands of the Swiss; in thanksgiving for this favor, she was titled Our Lady of Dijon, and a general procession to her shrine is made every year.

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