18th February : Our Lady Of Laon

Our Lady Of Laon

Country : France

Year : 1395

The Shrine Or Chapel Of Our Lady Of Laon Was Erected Into A Cathedral And Founded By St. Remigius, Archbishop Of Rheims, About The Year 500, Where He Consecrated As His First Bishop St. Geneband, His Nephew.

Miracles Were Wrought There And, Among Others, We Read That In The Year 1395, There Was Seen On The Steeple, The Picture Of A Crucifix, The Wounds Of Which Bled.

The People Of Laon Took Pride In Their Cathedral And Tried To Make It Rival The Great Shrine Of Chartres.  They Did Not Succeed, But The Result Is The Sum Of An Emotion, Clear And Strong As Love And Much Stronger Than Logic And Clearer; The Charm Of The Laon Cathedral Lies In Its Unstable Balance; Which Without Doubt Our Lady Accepted In Love As It Was Meant By Her Devoted Children.

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