16th October : Mother Most Pure

Mother Most Pure

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The whole philosophy of Mary’s life is described when she went to the Temple for the rite of purification, bearing her God-child and two turtle doves.  It never occurred to Our Lady to “put on airs” or to look down upon the common mass of humanity as beneath her dignity.  So pure and humble, she kept her crown as Heaven’s Queen – invisible.

Through Mary’s most pure heart we learn the lesson of pity for those who have made failures of their lives and have pockmarked the beauty of their souls by sin and lust.  From her, too, we learn the great lesson of charity that teaches us not only to pity those who have fallen but by prayer and kindness to bend down and help them up.

We need Mary in this sinful world, we need all the graces she can obtain for us.  We know her great compassion for all of us; we know that in calling her Mother Most Pure, we are not placing her beyond the reach of the weakest and frailest of mankind; in fact, the opposite is true, because so pure, she can understand the need of all of us – weak and faltering as we are.

The Virgin Mother of Purity, given to us as a model, her place in history is as secure as her place in Heaven.  We cannot add anything to her purity nor take anything away from it no matter what we do.  In imitating her we can only help ourselves and the age in which we live.  There is a place beside her at the foot of the cross for all of us; the place where Mary Magdalene knelt.  We pray that all may find her, Mother Most Pure, and find all that is required to be pure and the contribution of our age will be a life dedicated to purity, and reparation for all who are too blind to see that her way is the only way that leads to peace and happiness.

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