16th January : Our Lady Refuge Of Sinners

Our Lady Refuge Of Sinners

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The worst evil that can befall us is unquestionably SIN, which makes us an object of abhorrence in the sight of God.  It likewise deprives our soul of all share in the spiritual life, and subjects it in some degree, to the dominion of the spirit of darkness.

God’s infinite mercy has not only prepared for us a potent remedy against sin in the merits of Jesus Christ, our Savior, but it has also given us poor sinners a secure refuge in the assistance of Mary.  In the Old Law there were cities of refuge to which the guilty could flee for safety; in the New Law, Mary’s mantle is for us that citadel of refuge for sinful souls.  How can the Divine Wrath strike us, if we are covered by the mantle of Mary, the chosen daughter and the honored Mother of God?

Mary is thus not merely a pledge of our safety, but by her unrivaled sanctity, she is an earnest of pardon for all sinners who have recourse to her intercession.  She not only disarms the just anger of God roused by our sins, but also obtains for her true clients sincere and heartfelt conversion.  All we need do is turn toward her with FAITH, to obtain Divine Clemency and the means to rise from the mire of sin.

To be cleansed from sin and to be admitted again into the friendship of God is a grace beyond compare; but to be kept free from fresh falls is even more important, as our salvation depends entirely upon final perseverance.  Mary, by her intercession, helps us detest past sins and faults; and keeps us from renewed relapses.

Thru God’s permission we are tempted in all sorts of ways; but Mary’s watchful assistance helps us put Satan to flight while she suggests to us, thru our Angel Guardian, all manner of good thoughts and holy aspirations.

More than ever at the hour of death, Mary shelters her devoted children, driving the Tempter far from us, and encouraging us to fight valiantly to the last gasp

“Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us SINNERS, now and at the hour of our death.  Amen.”

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