15th August :The Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

The Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

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Our Lady assumed into Heaven!  She entered body and soul into the presence of the Most Blessed and Eternal Trinity!  Her sufferings, great beyond all measure, are nothing now as she finds her reward in the greatness of the Infinite God.  What eternal joy in His possession; what peace in being eternally possessed by Him – surely the richest reward for the obedient Handmaid of the Lord.

Our reward is likewise the possession of the same Triune God – our way to Him is likewise along the same royal way as tread so humbly and submissively the feet of our obedient Queen.  Her last recorded words in Sacred Scripture, her counsel to the servants at the wedding feast, applies to us with equal and unfailing force:  “do whatever He tells you!”  Our obedience to Christ is our way to joy and peace.

Mary’s death was caused by love that consumed her heart; her death was not meant for punishment or expiation, hence there was no violence nor was it painful, since she was preserved from the dominion given to death by sin.  According to an opinion accepted since the Middle Ages, Mary’s death resembled Christ’s, because she accepted it voluntarily out of humble and loving obedience; so, she died of love in the strict sense of the word.  Death came to her in the form of the weakening of the body caused by the supernatural might of Dying Love.  Her natural vitality was exhausted by love-longing, by the strength of an ecstasy of love and her great love moved God to cease keeping her alive.  Mary’s death was a holocaust of love where the sacrifice offered long before at the foot of the Cross in poignant and spiritual anguish was at last completed.

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