14th February : Our Lady Of The Hot Oven

Our Lady Of The Hot Oven

Country : France

Year : 545

Our Lady at Bourges, France, has that title, because in the year 545, a Jew is said to have shut up his son in a hot oven because he had received Baptism and communicated on Easter Sunday; the boy was taken out sound and whole, through the protection of Our Lady.

The boy is said to have been the son of a Jewish glassblower sent to school to learn his letters with Christian boys.  On a feast day with his companions, he partook of the Body and Blood of Christ.  Returning home, he related what he had done.  The horrified father threw him into the glowing furnace and heaped in wood to make it hotter still.  The mother hearing of the deed filled the city with her cries.  The Christians, praying to Our Lady, hurried to the glassblower’s house.

The boy, rescued unharmed from the hot oven, said the woman he had seen in church, holding a Child in her arms, protected him with her purple cloak.  The boy was baptized later and many of the citizens with him.

To commemorate the event of the miracle, a church dedicated to Mary was erected and was called the Lady of the Hot Oven.

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