13th December : Our Lady Of The Holy Chapel

Our Lady Of The Holy Chapel

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St. Louis, on his return from the Holy Land, built at Paris the so-called Holy Chapel in honor of Mary.  In it he placed relics of Our Lord’s Passion which he brought with him from the Sacred Places in Palestine.

At the door of the chapel stands a graceful statue of Mary.  At the feet of this statue the doctors and literati of the day loved to prostrate themselves and their works.

Although the dogma of the Immaculate Conception of Mary had not yet been declared, many believed in it, and prelates preached it from the pulpits, Duns Scotus among them and very ardently.  One day as he knelt before Mary’s image preparing to champion her sinlessness against the antagonists, he asked her to bend her head forward.  Mary did so.  From that moment the head of the image remained inclined.

The Faithful on witnessing this, championed the cause of Mary’s Immaculate Conception, praying to her under the title and receiving answers to petitions, special graces and miracles.

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