12th February : Our Lady Of Iveron

Our Lady Of Iveron

Country : Russia

Year : 1648

According To The Legend, This Icon Was Thrown Into The Sea By Iconoclasts At Constantinople And Years Later Washed Up On The Shores Of Mount Athos.  It Was Taken To The Monastery Of Iveron (Of The Iberians Or Georgians) And Enshrined.  There It Is Still Venerated Under The Name Of “Portaitissa”.

In 1648 At The Request Of The Ailing Tsar Alexis, A Copy Was Made With Solemn Ceremony, And Taken To Russia, Where It Became As Famous As The Original.  The Chapel Where It Was Kept At Moscow Was Perhaps The Most Frequented Shrine Of The City, And The Icon Was Often Taken To Preside At Some Public Occasion, Or At A Wedding, At A Sickbed, And The Like.

The Chapel Was Destroyed By The Bolsheviks At The Revolution, But The Icon Was Saved And Is Now Again Enshrined In A Moscow Church.

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