11th July : Our Lady Of Clery

Our Lady Of Clery

Country : France

Year : 1483

The shrine of Our Lady of Clery at Cessales, four leagues from the city of Orleans, France, dates from the thirteenth century.

It was visited by Philip the Fair, Philip VI and particularly by King Louis XI, who rebuilt it and was buried there in 1483.  This saintly king wore in his hat a leaden image of Notre Dame de Clery.  His devotion to the Mother of God was fervent, deep and strong.  She was the center of his life and to her he attributed his success, temporally and spiritually.  He planned his tomb in this sanctuary, saying he wished to be close to her in death.

Among other notables interred at Our Lady of Clery was Dunois, one of the heroes of the Hundred Years War.

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