11th December : Mary, Queen Of Angels

Mary, Queen Of Angels

Country : Egypt

Year :

One of the loveliest and truest of titles of Mary is that of Queen-Mary by the grace of God, Queen and Empress of the World!  Mary being Queen of Heaven and of earth, her first title of royal prerogative is QUEEN OF ANGELS, an astounding title as we consider the unspeakable beauty and majesty of these sublime creatures of God.

Angel means, “one going” or “one sent”, hence a messenger, Mary, queen of angels, inferior to them by nature is in dignity superior to them, due to the fact that she has the supreme dignity of being Mother of God.  Her close association with Jesus in the Incarnation made her an associate of the Angels.  It was God’s way of manifesting His will to her.

The Great Messenger of the Annunciation, Gabriel, saluted her as “full of grace”, and knew that in the little house of Nazareth he was in the vestibule of heaven, he was the first one to salute the Queen of Angels.  But Gabriel was not the only visitor to Mary.  There were hosts of angels to wait upon her, ready to do her slightest bidding, hovering about her in admiration of her and adoration of her Child.  Where else would the Angels be but with the King of Angels and the Queen of Angels?

One Angel in particular guarded Mary – Michael.  When forced to flee into Egypt, the Holy Family was accompanied by Michael.  The “Woman clothed with the Sun” conquered with the aid of Michael, he never left her; it is commonly believed that he was her Guardian Angel.  He told her when she was about to leave this earth, and stood guard over her holy body and soul till she was assumed by angels into Heaven.  “Thy throne, the wings of the angels”, what rejoicing of the angelic hosts at her entry into Heaven!

It is not hard to believe that angels carried the House of Nazareth to Loreto; they loved that house, it was the palace of their queen.

The truth of this, that Mary is the Queen of Angles, is of utmost importance to us.  Every one of her titles means somethi9ng to us.  The thought is this—that since she is set over the angels, since she is the nearest being to God, and since she is also our Mother, our Advocate, our Mercy, our Live, our Sweetness, our Hope, there can be no limit we place in the confidence of her intercession.

Say AVE and you will hear the flutter of Gabriel’s wings and smell the flowers of paradise.

“The name of Mary is the key of heaven; it is uttered, and the portals of Paradise open wide.” – St. Bernard

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