10th September : Our Lady Of Tru Or Trut

Our Lady Of Puy

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The church of Our Lady of Trut is near the city of Cologne in Germany, and was built by Otho I; that is under his reign by order of St. Heribert, Archbishop of Cologne, on the very spot where formerly pagan idols had been worshipped.  To atone for this, a shrine to the Mother of the True God was erected and has remained a place of pilgrimage and of miracles.

Among the many miracles which Mary is accredited with at this shrine, two are mentioned in the life of St. Heribert.  During the time of a great drought, he went to the altar of Mary, and resting his head in his hands, he prayed fervently and long.  When he left the church, rain was falling  in torrents.  Another time his prayers induced Mary to spare the people from the plague then raging all around.