9th April : Our Lady Of Myans

Our Lady Of Myans

Country : France

Year : 1249

Myans in Savoy, near the Mont Cenis tunnel, has been a pilgrimage center since at least the thirteenth century.  Its small “black virgin” was an object of the devotion of St. Francis de Sales.  The church was half destroyed at the French Revolution, but the statue was saved and later enshrined again in the restored building, where it was crowned in 1905.

The sanctuary is particularly resorted to by pilgrimages of men, and the image was taken to Rome by a Savoyard pilgrimage for the definition of the dogma of the Assumption in 1950.

It is believed that this image, in the year 1249, prevented the lightning, which had already consumed the town of Saint Andre with sixteen villages, from going farther and was the cause of its stopping at Myans.

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