7th December : Our Lady Of Crowns

Our Lady Of Crowns

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From the beginning of history, we know of kings and princes who were marked above all others with the royal sign of their dignity—a crown.  But much more fittingly this applies to Jesus, our King, and Mary, our Queen-Mother.

The crowns of old were set with precious gems and sparkling pearls.  Crowns were a sign of the possession of a country and of a people.  The crowns of history were a mark of authority.  The crowns of ancient times were a mark and an omen of justice for the enemies of the king and the offenders of morality.  Crowns were always an indication of honor and majesty.

We all know of the custom of crowning the May Queen with a garland of roses.  Often we hear tell of the Rosary as the Crown of Mary, and an appropriate title it is.  It has the richness of antiquity, and the tradition of many ages.  The Rosary is a string of precious pearls, precious stones, depicting our faith which is a sign of Mary’s ownership of the hearts of her Christians; it is a sign of authority over the faithful flock of Christ’s church.  The Rosary shows clearly that Mary is singularly honored and revered as Queen of all others.

The Rosary is like a bouquet of sweet smelling flowers of every size and color, depicting the virtues we practice every time we say it with devotion.

But above all gems, pearls and flowers, the Rosary is the instrument of intercession calling down God’s vengeance upon the enemies of God and blessings upon his children; with the Rosary we can win Mary’s love:  with it we can acquire peace for individuals, families and nations; through her whom it honors, we can wend our way to the heart of God.

We have everything to hope for and all to gain, if we place this rich crown upon the head of Mary each day.  Through the Rosary we have as our Queen, Mother and Intercessor, her to whom God can refuse nothing, but nothing.

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