6th June : Our Lady Of Monte Santo

Our Lady Of Monte Santo

Country : Italy

Year : 1360

Monte Santo, Camporosso and Gorizia in Italy, — the first is the oldest Marian sanctuary of the Italian region of Venezia Giulia, founded in 1360.

It was destroyed in World War I, and rebuilt.  It stands nearly 2,000 feet above the sea and before World War II, attracted 100,000 Italian, Slovene, and Austrian pilgrims every year.  This is distinguished from the Monte Santo shrine near Gorizia as Il Chiarore, the Shining.  Gorizia, in Austria, dated from 1539, when Mary appeared to a young girl on the mountainside.

The image was crowned in 1717.  The shrine of Gorizia was also destroyed in World War I, and built up again.  It is in charge of the Franciscans.  Both shrines by the same name but in different countries are famous as being miraculous.

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