5th December : Virgin Most Powerful

Virgin Most Powerful

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In the litany we call Our Lady “Virgin Most Powerful”.  To be powerful with God one must have faith.  Mary’s faith in God and her divine Son is absolute.  Humanly speaking, things were completely in darkness in Mary’s life; yet she had a faith and trust and confidence in God which were absolute.  In its purest form, her whole life was a life of faith.  To her, can be applied in the highest degree, Christ’s words ‘NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO YOU, IF YOU HAVE FAITH”.  Mary, in her power gained victory over Satan; she converted sinners, she cured miraculously without number.

Mary’s whole ambition was to empty herself, so that God might live in her, and so render her all powerful.  She was FULL of Grace; FULL of the Spirit of JESUS.  And as Jesus is full of the love towards us, so also is Mary.  She sees in us the seal of the PRECIOUS BLOOD of her DIVINE SON; she loves us and renders to us, every service within her power.

The spiritual canticle of St. John of the Cross can be applied to Mary…”  The soul because of its perfect love can be called the bride of the God the Son, which signifies equality with Him.  In this equality and friendship, all things are common”.  Now, Mary’s love can never be doubted.  In being the Mother of Jesus, she shares, in a special way, all things with HIM:  Mary is the Mediatrix of ALL GRACES, because of her special union with God and her SON.  By her intervention sinners are reconciled with God, punishment is averted and graces are obtained so that she may rightfully be called “UNIVERSAL MEDIATRIX”… Mary possesses all the prerogatives of Motherhood with regard to us.  A Mother confers life, Mary is the mother of our life of grace, since she gave birth to Him in whom we are all born anew; Jesus provided for our every need, temporal as well as spiritual.

St. Albert says that from her we receive the price of redemption, the waters of purification, bread for the nourishment of our souls, a remedy for our recovery, the armor for our defense, and the rewards of merit.

St. John Mary Vianney says, “I think the Blessed Virgin will rest at the end of the world, but as long as there is an earth, she is being pulled at from all sides.  The Blessed Virgin is like a Mother with many children, she is continually going from one to the other wherever help is needed”.

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