5th April : Our Lady Of Divine Providence

Our Lady Of Divine Providence

Country : Italy

Year : 1521

The shrine of Our Lady of Divine Providence is situated or located in a rural district of the diocese of Fossano, Italy, called Cussanio.  In 1521 the Blessed Virgin appeared to a deaf mute, Bartolomeo Coppa.  She appeared to him for the first time on May 8 when she cured him of his disability and told him to preach penance to the inhabitants of Fossano.

In a second apparition she brought him three loaves of bread and again asked him to preach penance to the Fossanese.  The latter, however, only ridiculed the visionary.  A short time later a plague broke out among the inhabitants who then had recourse to Our Lady and after having been granted a release from the plague, had a chapel built which was later enlarged.

In 1856 the Bishop of Fossano, Mons Manacadda, enlarged the sanctuary and proclaimed the Madonna of Cussanio Mother of Divine Providence.

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