4th October :Our Lady Of Vaussivieres

Our Lady Of Vaussivieres

Country : France

Year : 1374

On the Mountains of Auvergne near Montd’Or, there is an image which has remained miraculously from the ruins of Vaussivieres, destroyed by the English about the year 1374.  After the destruction, the image intact, was transferred to the Church of Besse, but miraculously returned to its former place at Vaussivieres.

This shrine, as well as others, are centers of devout pilgrimages, and the miracles wrought by Our Lady in answer to the devout and earnest petitions of her clients are innumerable.

Apparently as one pilgrim remarked, “Mary is a determined lady, and gets her way with her Divine Son”, even to the place of residence, as her “returns” to Vaussivieres, above mentioned prove.

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