4th December : Virgin Most Pure

Virgin Most Pure

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“Thou art all fair, O beloved, and there is not a spot in Thee!”  God communicates in wonderful ways with our poor souls in this world.  How did He deal with the Soul of His spotless Mother?  The Church has kept on tiptoe all the centuries trying to catch a glimpse of Mary’s greatness, and trying in some imperfect way to describe the vision she beholds!  The Church takes the events of Mary’s life one by one during the year and concentrates her children’s thoughts on them, in order that by close attention to each, they may grow gradually in knowledge of Mary.  In December she bids us think of the moments when Mary’s soul was created by God.

Mary’s spotless soul—there was joy that day before the Angels of God—Augustus sat on his throne, and at Rome and other centers of civilization the fashionable world with its life of self-indulgence was rushing madly and heedlessly through life; and amidst the orgies of the Empire this SOUL was created; and God looked down with Infinite Complacency, for this was to be His own Mother.  Then Mary was born, and there was merry-making in the Galilean village; neighbors came to admire the Babe.  Little they knew what that Babe was, in God’s eyes!  Mary grew up a sweet and lovely child, fair as the flowers around her that flung their beauty on the winds under the hot Syrian sun.  And her SOUL—sweet and lovely that it was to God.  She blossomed in the garden of God’s flowers.  The story of the saints’ lives gives us a glimpse into the workings of grace in innocent souls; what took place in Mary’s soul during these years?  The chastity of Mary’s Heart; the purity; the stainless fragrance of her love for God, who can tell about that?  It is a secret that God is keeping in heaven; He must not tell us everything here below; in heaven we shall listen eagerly to the story of Mary’s life.  How intently shall we study the growth and development of this greatest soul, this most perfect, most beautiful and fragrant of all the soul-flowers that have blossomed in God’s grace-garden.

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