3rd July : Our Lady Of La Carolle

Our Lady Of La Carolle

Country : France (Paris)

Year : 1418

During the Middle Ages religion may have waned due to the illiteracy of the people and their subjection to minds too intellectual to believe in the truth.

However, though the Holy Spirit may have been a shadowy figure of the past; or at least not well known to the people, yet, there was always their Heavenly Mother.  A shrine to the Virgin belonged to every house, every street, village, hamlet and town.  The following gives an account of the emotions and the love of the people toward their Madonna.

The shrine of Our Lady of la Carolle is at Paris.  It is said that this image which was placed at the corner of the Rue aux Oura, was stabbed with a knife in the year 1418, and that it bled profusely.  In memory of this, fireworks are set off yearly, during which a waxen figure is burnt.  The effigy represents the sacrilegious wretch who gave the blow to the statue.

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