2nd November : Our Lady Of Emminont

Our Lady Of Emminont

Country : France

Year : 1058

This shrine to Our Lady is near Abbeville France.  It is much visited by pilgrims devoted to the Mother of God who at their prayers and petitions still performs for her people many miracles.

The relics of St. Wulfram of Sens who died in 656 were brought to the shrine in 1058.  Fransiscan Brothers, well-versed in wood carving, care for the shrine.  They were consulted in 1510 concerning work on the Cathedral of Amiens.  In richness of detail, Abbeville surpasses many other cathedrals.

The list of favors granted by Our Lady of Emminont is innumerable.  It includes miraculous cures, astounding spiritual and temporal favors and streams of graces and blessings.

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