2nd March : Apparitions Of Our Lady

Apparitions Of Our Lady

Country : Spain

Year : 1449

The Apparitions Of Our Lady Are So Numerous That They Have Almost Come To Be Taken For Granted.  Perhaps That Is Just Where The Fault Lies.

Many Of The Apparitions Of The Virgin Have Been Of A Private Nature, That Is, They Have Been Made For The Benefit Of A Single Person Or A Few Individuals.  But No One Can Doubt That The Famous Revelations At Lourdes, Of La Salette, And More Recently Apocalyptic Wonders At Fatima Were All Of Universal Import.

At La Salette Our Blessed Lady Wore The Clothing Of Mourning, Carried The Instruments Of Penance, And She Wept For A Sinful World.  She Begged For Penance And For The Observance Of The Sunday Rest And Worship.  She Warned The People That They Would Be Scourged For Their Sins.  She Entrusted To The Children Of The Apparition, Secrets Which Were Dutifully Conveyed To The Pope.  It Is Generally Believed That The First World Conflict Of 1914-18 Was Predicated By The Blessed Virgin In These Visions.  Twelve Years After The Miracles Of Lasalette, Came The Wonderful Visitation Of Lourdes.  These Revelations At Lourdes Doubtlessly Were A Confirmation Of The Dogma Of The Immaculate Conception And Also Served As A Solemn Protest From Heaven Against The Widespread Sins Contrary To Christian Modesty

At Fatima Men Were Told To Do Penance, To Pray, Especially The Rosary, And Lastly, Our Lady Asked For A Consecration Of The Entire World To Her Immaculate Heart.  Many Thousands Of The Faithful The World Over Have Answered The Appeal Of The Blessed Virgin.  The Daily Rosary Became Common To Many Catholic Families.  The Holy Father Consecrated The Church And The Entire World To The Immaculate Heart Of Mary In October, 1942.

It Remains For The Individual Catholic To Rally To The Cause Of Truth And Justice And Peace.  Our Only Hope Now Is In Our Faith.  Perhaps This Is The “Eleventh Hour”, But It Is Not Too Late.

Let Us Turn To Mary, Who Is, After God, Our Only Hope.  “Mary, Come Quickly, We Need You!”

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