2nd June : Our Lady Of Edessa

Our Lady Of Edessa

Country :

Year : 1711

It is asserted that this image of Mary, placed beneath the gateway of a church, in Asia Minor, spoke to St. Alexis and made known to the people of Edessa the merits of St. Alexis.  From there it was removed to Rome, where it is highly honored.

The story is that the wealthy Alexis, who parted from his bride on their wedding day, hid himself in a hut for seventeen years, incognito.  His family searched for him everywhere.  Finally the image of Mary at the shrine of Edessa where the saintly beggar was, spoke to passersby, revealing the holiness of Alexis, calling him “the Man of God”.  At the request of relatives, Alexis returned home, where he died a saintly death.  Other and numerous miracles took place at Mary’s shrine of Edessa.

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