2nd December : Our Lady Of Didinia

Our Lady Of Didinia

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Our Lady of Didinia is in Cappadocia.  It was before this shrine that St. Basil begged the Blessed Virgin to remedy the disorders caused by Julian the Apostate.  The Saint was granted a vision from Mary, which foretold the death of the emperor.

The godless Julian threatened the city of Caesarea with destruction because of a grudge he bore.  St. Basil gathered the frightened inhabitants on Mt. Didinia, where there was an ancient Mary Church.  After three days of prayer and fasting, Basil had a vision in which he saw Mary surrounded by celestial soldiery and heard her say, “Do call Mercury to me.  He shall kill the blasphemer of my Son.”  On the night of Julian’s death, both Basil and Libanius went to the Church of St. Mercury, and found the arms which usually hung there, missing.  They went back to Mt. Didinia and spread the news of the death of the tyrant to the inhabitants.

When the people went back to the city, they found the lance of Mercury in its accustomed place, but it was wet with blood.

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