1st October : Our Lady Of Protection

Our Lady Of Protection

Country :Spain

Year : 1656

Like a number of the other Marian feasts, this of Our Lady’s protection is first found in Spain, where it was granted in 1656 in thanksgiving for all the victories over the Moors.  It spread to many other parts of the world on various dates, but has since been dropped from a number of calendars.

Among the Cistercians it has particular reference to St. Alberic’s vision of our Lady in which she assured him she would always watch over and protect that order of monks.  The feast is especially observed with reference to the sanctuary of Chartres and Our Lady of  Miracles at Lucca.

The word “patronage” is sometimes added to the name of a patronal feast, e.g. Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Help at Santiago de Guatemala.

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