1st April : Our Lady Of Tears

Our Lady Of Tears

Country : Italy (Sicily)

Year : 1953

The tears of the Blessed Mother are mentioned only once in the Gospel—at the utterance of her fourth word after finding the Child Jesus in the Temple.

The tears of the Mother of Sorrows flowed often during her earthly pilgrimage, especially on the Way of the Cross.  Mary’s tears are the very Blood of Jesus Christ.  The tears of Mary and the Blood of Christ are a two-fold effusion of one and the same heart; and we may say that the compassion of the Virgin was the Passion itself under its most terrible aspect.

Tears are the legacy of the Mother of Sorrows, so much so, that we may not squander it on vain affections of the world without incurring a kind of sacrilegious guilt.

Mary’s tears at the Sacred Passion flow alongside the torrent of Jesus’ tears and share potentially in them like two rivers watering one vast continent.  Jesus will suffer in the Mystical Body and Mary will weep in her children until the last minute of the last century.  The beauty of Mary’s tears quenches all poetry and slays the fancies of human dreams.  A tear of Mary!  A tear of the Most Pure One for me, a wretched creature steeped in the Blood and the flood of divine Wrath and Divine Repentance.  A tear of the Mystical Rose, just for me!  Only the way her Son shed His Blood could Mary have wept, that is, for each man in particular, regarded by Mother and Son as of equal value with all the universe.

“In thee is pity, in thee is tenderness, in thee magnificence, the sum of all good.”

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