Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, Karumathampatti


The Basilica of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, Karumathampatti, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India is a Catholic Shrine located in Karumathampatty which is a tiny village located near Coimbatore in South India. This village owes its name to its Rajah Karumathan.

The Shrine of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, Karumathampatti was already a pilgrimage centre, in 1640. St. John de Britto visited the church at least 3 times. This shrine dedicated to the Holy Rosary traces its origin to AD 1640. It was started as a Chapel for Mother Mary but the original chapel was destroyed in 1684 by the soldiers of the Mysore Rajah Saraboji when Tanjore King Serfoji I as part of his campaign to annex territories ruled by weaker dispensation, raided Coimbatore region but the church rebuilt soon.

The church was again destroyed by Tipu Sultan in 1784 and rebuilt in 1803. It is visited by huge numbers of people in order to venerate Our Lady of the Rosary and to pray for favours. It was announced on 22 July 2019 that the church had been granted the status of a Minor Basilica and the formal elevation was held on 6 October 2019, the feast day.

A new Shrine was built in 1995 by Rev. Fr. A. Maria Mudiappan. Even though this village was affected by wars, dangerous deceases severe famine and so on the grace of Our Lady of Holy Rosary gave boost and strength to the people with stand in all the troubles. Without any discrimination all kinds of people from VaalPaarai, Ooty, Dharmaburi, Trichy, Madurai, Mysore, Kerala, and North India also are coming to celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Holy Rosary Shrine. Especially the People of Ooty are very much attached to Our Lady of holy Rosary.

Every year during the annual Feast all over India who settled from here are coming to celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Holy Rosary. Even today those who come to the feet of Our Lady of Holy Rosary for the Marriage, child, employment, studies, development in business, freedom from the loan, sickness and so on are receiving everything with the faith on Her and Her Son Our Lord Jesus Christ.

History of Our Lady of Holy Rosary, Karumathampatti

History says that as early as 1640, the church of Karumathampatti, dedicated to Our Lady of Holy Rosary, became a place of pilgrimage. There were people of different communities residing in the area of Karumathampatti. Chettiars, also known as Shedders, were weavers and cloth merchants by profession.

Many worked on hand looms at home. They formed an important part of the Catholic Community of the Diocese. Many Shedders embraced Christianity as early as 1662 in the Karumathampatti mission. French missionaries Fr. Noguera and Fr. Pereira were in charge of the Karumathampatti district in 1684. It was beween the year 1676 – 1783. St. John de Britto visited Karumathampatti on 3 occasions. In 1710 Karumathampatti became a residence of that mission.

The church was destroyed by the soldiers of the Mysore Rajah in 1684, but was rebuilt soon after. The church was again destroyed in 1784 during the persecution of Tipu Sultan. In 1803 Fr. Dubois MEP obtained from the British Government not only the site of the old church, but also a large plot of land around it and made arrangements for the construction of a new church.

Fr. Gnanapragasam, an Indian Priest, built it according to the plan and instruction of Fr.Dubois MEP. The church steeple was erected by Fr. Pacreau MEP in 1840. In 1995, as the church was not sufficient for the pilgrims, an extension was made by Fr. Mudiappan, a diocesan priest and it was consecrated. Since the number of pilgrims increased there was a necessity for a new church and in 2017 a new church was built by Fr. R. D. E. Jerome, the present Rector and was consecrated by 5 Bishops in the presence of the local Bishop Most Rev. Dr. L. Thomas Aquinas on 29th September 2017.

History of the Shrine Through the Years

  • Karumathampatty was an important Catholic centre from 1640.
  • Karumathampatty was ruled by a Rajah named Karumuthan and got the name Karumathampatty.
  • Shrine was dedicated to Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary and became a place of pilgrimage from 1640.
  • Karumathampatty was the first cradle and headquarters of the Coimbatore Mission till 1850.
  • It was visited by St. John de Britto who spread Christianity in South India, head of the Madurai Mission and was also martyred in Oriyur, at least on three occasions in between from 1676 – 83 and he celebrated Holy Masses thrice in the Main chapel.
  • There were two churches during 17 and 18 centuries inside the fort that is cathedral and outside the fort, the small chapel.
  • The first Shrine was destroyed by the soldiers of the Mysore Rajah Saraboji in 1684 but was rebuilt soon after by the intercession to Our Lady of Holy Rosary. This Shrine was kept intact through the grace of Our Blessed Mother Mary.
  • The Shrine was again destructed in 1784 during persecution of King Tippu. But the front portion of the Shrine was not destroyed so it used as the Entrance Arch for this shrine until 1995.
  • The Shrine in its incipient stage was built in 1803 by Fr. Dubois who had obtained from the British.
  • In 1840, Rev. Fr. J. B. Barrot constructed the belfry (Bell Tower) and in 1908 Rev. Fr. Laphanne built the still eye-catching beautiful Main Alter. These two monuments proclaimed the golden history of this shrine.
  • Mgr. De Bresillac and Mgr. Godella were consecrated in this Shrine in 1846 and 1857 respectively.
  • In 1846 Mgr. De Bresillac, Pro- Vicar Apostolic of Coimbatore, resided in Karumathampatty until 1850 when being appointed Vicar Apostolic, he transferred his headquarters to Coimbatore.
  • Mgr. De Bresillac was the founder of S.M.A. Congregation.
  • It was here that Rev. Fr. Ravel started the Congregation of Presentation Sisters, on 21 November 1853.
  • The Seminary of the mission was opened in 1846 In Karumathampatty and remained there in till 1859.
  • After 1940 various institutions came into existence.

Miracles of Our Lady of Rosary, Karumathampatti

History says that one day a poor Christian widow of Somanur was selling thread to some pagan merchants who, by means of spells, tried to cheat in the weight of her goods. She invoked the holy names of Jesus and Mary and the scale or balance, which, containing the precious thread, came down immediately and justice was done. (From the book of Fr. Bechu)

According to the oral tradition, at the time of the persecution of Tipu Sultan, the King of Mysore, the Catholics of that shrine realized that King Tipu would destroy the church. They wanted to save the statue of our Blessed Virgin Mary. Hence they took the statue and hid it under the earth. As they expected the church was destroyed. When the king left the place the priest and the people wanted to rebuild the church.

After the construction was over they wanted to bring the statue of Blessed Virgin Mary back to the church. When they unearthed, they found the statue intact. They happily brought the statue back to the church and started venerating it. It is still preserved and carried in procession every year on the occasion of the feast of the Holy Rosary.

Feast Day – 1st Sunday of October

The feast of Our Lady of Holy Rosary is celebrated on the first Sunday of October every year.

Mass Time


  • 6.15 am
  • 6.15 pm
  • Every First Saturdays

  • 8.00 am followed by half a day fasting prayer
  • 1.00 pm
  • 6.15 pm
  • Saturdays

  • 6.15 am
  • 11.00 am
  • 6.15 pm
  • Sundays

  • 8.00 am
  • 5.30 pm
  • Contact Info

    Our Lady of Holy Rosary Basilica,
    Karumathampatti, Coimbatore,
    Tamil Nadu – 641 659, India

    Phone No.




    Basilica of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, Karumathampatti, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India is well connected with Bus Station, Railway Station and Airport facilities rest of the country.


    Coimbatore International Airport, Tamilnadu, which is (19 Kms) from Basilica of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, Karumathampatti.


    The nearest railway station is Coimbatore Junction which is just (27.9 Kms) from Basilica of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, Karumathampatti.


    The nearest is Karumathampatti Bus stop which is less than 1 Km and Coimbatore, Gandhipuram Central Bus Stand which is (27.3 Kms) from Basilica of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, Karumathampatti.

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