Our Lady of Good Health Church, Pattumala


Pattumala Matha Church, also known as Pattumala Our Lady of Good Health, is a Roman Catholic Latin Rite pilgrimage shrine situated in Kerala. Operated by the Missionary Brotherhood of St. Francis of Assisi (CMSF), it boasts the largest dome among Christian churches in India. Its history traces back to the British era, when tea plantation laborers held strong faith in the Virgin Mary. In the 1980s, Brother Hippolytus Tadatyr, a Franciscan missionary from Kerala, recognized the commitment of CMSF and spearheaded the initiative. Initially, devotees used the ashram chapel for prayers, but plans for a new church emerged in the same decade. Designed by Thiruvananthapuram architect J.P Bright, the granite-built church stands amidst a tea plantation, deriving its name from the silk-covered hill. Notably, it’s located 8 kilometers from Piermaid and 24 kilometers from Thekkady. The church, constructed in Gothic style with a grand dome, features intricately designed slabs inside and rock portraits depicting biblical events at the entrance. The wooden altar enhances its architectural magnificence. Two of Mary’s apparitions are believed to have occurred here, with many miracles attributed to the church, earning it the name Patumala Her Mata or “Kochu Velankanni Church.” Declared a pilgrimage center by Pope John Paul II, it draws both believers and tourists alike.

The history of church dates back to british era, tea estate workers having great devotion to Mother Mary. During the 1980s, Brother Hippolitus Thadathil CMSF, a Franciscan missionary brother from Kerala, arrived in Pattumala and recognized the depth of devotion in the area. He took the lead in establishing a place of worship. Initially, devotees used the ashram chapel for prayers. Later, in the same decade, plans were made for a new church. The current church was consecrated in 1998.

The church is designed in gothic style with a complete dome. The dome and roof of nave is pasted with beautifully designed slabs from inside. The Dome of church being largest among christian churches in India. At the entrance, the main door frame is crafted from rock, featuring portraits depicting various events from the Bible. Inside, the altar is intricately carved from wood, enhancing the architectural beauty of the church.The church is renowned for two events of Marian Apparitions and has been associated with numerous miracles.

Dedicated to Mother Mary, also known as Velankanni Matha, the church is named after its location, Pattumala Matha. Commonly referred to as the “Kochu Velankanni Church,” it was designated as a Pilgrim Centre by Pope John Paul II. Both devotees and tourists frequently visit this sacred site.

A Divine Journey Through Time and Architecture

This sacred sanctuary holds a rich history dating back to the British era when Mother Mary was deeply revered. The church’s grandeur is undeniable, boasting a towering gothic structure and the largest dome among Christian churches in India. Architect J.P. Bright’s vision and craftsmanship shine through the intricate details and stunning design of this holy place.

Approaching the church, one can’t help but be enchanted by the lush tea gardens that surround it. Pattumala, aptly named the “Hill Draped in Silk,” enhances the scenic beauty of the area. While the architectural marvels are impressive, the serene atmosphere invites visitors to discover moments of inner peace and connection.

A Tranquil Gem Amidst Lush Tea Garden

While Pattumala Matha Church provides a serene environment for prayer, contemplation, and spiritual connection, it also welcomes visitors from diverse backgrounds. The friendly staff ensures a welcoming experience, and the well-maintained roads and ample parking make it accessible for travelers.

However, it’s important to be aware that the church can become crowded during holidays, so plan your visit accordingly. Remember to wear comfortable footwear, especially if you intend to explore the area on foot. Sun protection, such as a hat and sunscreen, is essential due to the region’s often sunny weather.For photography enthusiasts, this location offers excellent opportunities to capture the beauty of both the church’s architecture and the verdant tea gardens. Whether you’re embarking on a spiritual journey, admiring architectural wonders, or simply seeking tranquility, a visit to Pattumala Matha Church is a must when traveling from Alleppey to Thekkady.

Annual Feast Day

Feast Date : 8th September

The annual feast day of the Our Lady of Good Health Church, Pattumala is celebrated on 8th September each year.

Mass Timing


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 7:00 a.m

Wednesday : 3.30 p.m


Saturday : 3.30 p.m

Sunday   : 4:00 p.m

Church Visiting Hours

  • Monday to Sunday : 07:00 am to 07:00 pm

Contact Info

Pattumala Velankanni Matha Church,

Phone No.

Phone: 04869-232095





The nearest major airport to the Our Lady of Good Health Church Pattumala is Idukki Airstrip. Which is 21.2 kmaway from the Shirne.


The nearest railway station to the Our Lady of Good Health Church Pattumala is Kuttikkanam Junction. Which is 11.5 km away from the Shirne.

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